How to setup a proxy in Firefox

In this tutorial I will tell you how to set up a proxy in Firefox. For anonymous browsing some other tools  you can use are HamachiPrivoxy, FoxyProxy and tor. However if you do not want to rely on external tools then this is the tutorial for you:

A step by step approach to setting up a proxy in Firefox:

Find your proxy:

There are several sites out there which offer a free proxy list . Simply google free proxy and choose your proxy and are among the good sites.

Once you have chosen your proxy you should have an ip address which you have zeroed in on.

Now open  Firefox and hit alt to show the menu bar. Select tools and  options if you are on Windows OR edit preferences if you are on Ubuntu. It should open up the following window.



Select the advanced tab and choose network tab under it.


Now choose the setting option and and enter the ip address as well as check the box under it (Use this proxy server for all protocols.)



That’s it. Now you are done . Go to CMYIP and observe that your ip address has changed.

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